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Our business is the rental of water dispensers and the supply of fresh natural mineral water to private and corporate clients. Established in 1998 we offer a range of stylish machines that look good anywhere. Giving a great service is at the heart of what we do, so when you call us you"re guaranteed to speak to the person who will schedule your delivery.


Our Machines

Our water dispensers combine modern styling and features, making them the most advanced bottled watercoolers in appearance, performance, hygiene and ease of use. An integral dual cup dispenser holds up to 100 cups, so you should never suddenly run out.

Some like it hot!

Chilled water available from 5 to 17 degrees celcius, hot water at 84 or 94 degrees. The digitally controlled hot tank ensures your water is hot enough for the hot drink of your choice.

Keep your hands off!!

Unique, easy-to –use taps, concealed within the machine, are designed to stop hands coming into contact with the water outlet.

Unique hygiene features

Replacement of all parts that come into contact with the water on every service which ensures that your machine is a 100% sanitised. A"driptray full" indicator tells you when it should be emptied and cleaned. Regular replacement of the disposable polyethylene water trail assure the continual quality of water.

Service and Deliveries

  • Regular deliveries of refreshing h2o Natural Mineral Water directly to your door or as required.
  • As much or as little water as you want, as often as you want it.
  • We ensure that you have adequate stocks to suit your requirements according to the time of the year
  • All our deliveries are FREE
  • You will be in direct contact with friendly, well trained and highly motivated staff.