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H2o Water Coolers

The Emax


The EMax is Europe's best selling Watercooler - with over half a million units sold since it's launch in 2000.

This is the cooler that cemented Ebac as the market leader in the Watercooler manufacturing industry - renowned for it's strength and durability, the EMax can be sanitised in seconds with our patented WaterTrail system and features our award-winning Hot Tank that is 30 times more efficient than competitor models.

Available in a range of colours, the EMax provides a fantastic all-round solution for customers looking for an established fleet cooler built on quality, value, and reliability.

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The Emax POU


With the Point-of-use market now accounting for 27% of the total watercooler market (Zenith, 2007), customers are becoming more discerning when it comes to POU water coolers - which is why having the right POU cooler in your portfolio is vital.

The EMax POU is the first ever POU watercooler to benefit from our Patented WaterTrail system and award winning Hot Tank - and with the dramatic rise of Point-of-Use watercoolers throughout Europe, the EMax POU is fast becoming one of the most popular POU watercoolers available.

Featuring the many benefits of a Point-of-use watercooler such as saving time and money, as well as the advanced features only found in Ebac coolers - such as the WaterTrail, Energy Efficient Hot Tank, strong ABS construction, and customisable fascias, the EMax POU provides all the benefits of POU with the high level of technology and quality that Ebac is renowned for.

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The Slimcool


There are over 3.9 million small businesses in the UK - and 97% of them don't have a watercooler. There is a common perception that watercoolers are big, expensive, and too much hassle for small businesses - which is why we created SlimCool - a watercooler specifically designed for the small business or home user.

With it's slim design, low running costs and easy to manage sanitisation system - the SlimCool is the perfect cooler for small businesses or home office user.

Featuring all the latest Ebac technological advancements as well as the proven reliability and quality that comes with the Ebac name - SlimCool is the perfect addition to your watercooler portfolio that allows you to effectively target small businesses and win new customers.

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