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Refreshing bottled water delivered to your home. How cool is that?

You can see water dispensers everywhere. In gyms, in waiting rooms, at work. These handy refreshment homepoints have become an everyday part of modern life. So its no surprise that people are beginning to wonder why their families shouldn't also have cool, fresh mineral water on tap at home.

Everyone knows the benefits of drinking water. But lugging all those bottles back from the supermarket prevents us from drinking enough! Now there is an easy alternative:as much bottled water as you want delivered straight to your home and chilled in your very own cooler.

As water delivery specialists, we offer a range of stylish watercoolers that look good anywhere. Our machines are easy to operate, economical to run and help free up valuable space in the fridge.


Refresh your staff

Do your staff have enough energy? Do they have enough initiative? What about concentration or imagination? Or to put it another way – do your people have enough water? According to experts, each one of us need to drink two to three litres of water everday to keep our minds fresh and our thinking clear.

The answer: a great looking, well-situated H2o watercooler, allowing staff to drink more often. The result: greater employee refreshment and motivation.

If your staff fancy a tea or coffee, that's no problem either. When we install hot and cold coolers you will be able to make your choice of hot or cold drink.


Refresh your visitors

Imagine you"re a visitor visiting your company. You"ve driven in this crazy Spanish traffic and you"re hot and bothered. A smile from a receptionist is nice, but not as nice as a cup of cool water from a H2o watercooler.

Refresh your environment

You"re probably thinking that any of our water dispensers look great. If you translate the visual effect of an H2o Watercooler into word form, it would say: "this is a very progressive office with a hint of informality and a lot of style and is a great place to work". Not just a cooler standing in the corner!

Do all the above cost-efficiently

The price of refreshed staff, refreshed visitors and a refreshed office environment probably costs less than you think. Contact us to tailor a quote to your needs.